Will street

Will Sheridan is a Brooklyn based new-wave-hip-hop artist. After playing professional basketball internationally for Villanova University, Will Sheridan moved to New York City where he wrote for Source Magazine and immersed himself into the city’s nightlife and music scene.

His first EP, Ngoma (Swahili for “music”), included the club hit and viral YouTube video Welcome to the Jungle. After coming out in a lengthy television interview on ESPN in May 2011, Will participated in an MTV panel on gay rights with the likes of Lt. Dan Choi and esteemed writer Keith Boykin.

Wrapping up 2011 by opening for recording artist Drake at Villanova University’s homecoming concert, Will released his first full length album G.I.A.N.T. in May 2012 which was followed by an amazing performance at Northside Music Festival with Kid Sister earning him a write-up in Next magazine. Most recently, Will’s two back-to-back shows at Austin’s SXSW music festival were met with outstanding praise.