#RAR10 continues with a hypnotic tech house tune from Lorant. “Obsessed With Your Love In My Dreams” is a percussive after hour drive towards a sunrise trip.

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Tareq follows his debut on Royal Advisor Records with a diverse remix package that includes a unique, acoustic interpretation by Silverhook, a Disco-House remix by Severino, an indie-dance dub by Tendts, an EBM version from Wax Wings, and a hard-hitting techno remix by Paramour.

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Brooklyn born Cuban-Egyptian producer Morsy gives an Afro-house treatment to his remix of Lorant’s collaboration with The Illustrious Blacks.

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London-based artist Tareq releases his new song “One” on New York dance label Royal Advisor Records. A song about love lost, reimagined as a chase scene, “One” illustrates Tareq’s inner battle through his yearning vocals. A haunting synth line and sweeping pads accompany the electro groove on its pursuit.

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MORE FREEDOM means we don’t have to stop growing mentally, physically, or emotionally. We are always allowed more knowledge and happiness. Featuring singer Layonne Holmes, Royal Advisor Records label head Lorant’s new single delivers a fat-bottomed bassline, dub effects, and sizzling percussion.

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LexIcon Cover_ws_rar

Will Sheridan aka #GIANT brings it back to the basics of sex, ambition, and pride with LexIcon, an EP consisting of two original songs produced by Lorant, with remixes by John Michael & Floor One, Bobby Duron, So Drove, and Bill Pfeiffer. Rising from Brooklyn, the rapper channels information as a medium who delivers his message with the use of hip-hop and house.

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Lorant interprets his life in the underground club scene of New York City with “The Red Dark”. Smokey rooms, shadows, and strange encounters are met with a bass-heavy groove, raw snares, and haunting pads.

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Delusions of Grandeur 5

Open your eyes to the fragility of reality. Our own delusions protect us from the concept of what is considered the real world. Nothing is real in this real life.

Lorant teams up with Afro-futuristic duo The Illustrious Blacks on Delusions of Grandeur — a house music and synth-soul crossover.



Brutally honest, unafraid to be vulnerable, and indisputably powerful, Will Sheridan’s Winter 2016 release G2 was a testament to his journey during this momentous point in his life. Now as that journey rises to new heights, Royal Advisor Records once again takes the Will Sheridan experience to the dance floor. Remixed by some of the hottest talent New York and LA have to offer, G2R is a room slammer that gives each track a unique treatment.

Remixes by DJ Lorant, W. Jeremy, JX Cannon, Schwarz, and Bass Rokwell


Queen Daddy 20 x 20 72dpi

In celebration of Spunk [arts] Magazine’s 10th issue, Royal Advisor Records has teamed up with LA rapper AB Soto to bring you Queen Daddy produced by DJ Lorant. Spunk was started in New York City by Aaron Tilford in the fall of 2003. It features original artwork and memoir-style writings revolving around the arts. AB Soto, who released his new album titled Fantasy in January 2015, is the issue’s centerfold which was shot by photographer Aaron Cobbett.

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Sri Rao Uh Huh Revised

Sri Rao – “Uh-Huh!”

UH-HUH! by Sri Rao is a classic house groove with today’s horsepower. Stationed in the mountains of Alberta, Canada, Trulyors delivers a remix that is deep beyond deep, space beyond space.

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Touch Red Light Revised

Roland Lake — Touch

Touch by Roland Lake is what a dancefloor wants and needs. It’s a body thing, a soul thing. Spanish remixer 6KU gives the song a treatment that is loaded with sticky basslines, techno riffs, and big room drums. Lake made his debut on RAR’s Our Music: Future Perfect compilation last Spring with the original version of Touch. Look for more from this powerhouse vocalist soon!
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Larry Rocca — Dark Roots

Baby making music for elephants from young French producer Larry Rocca. Reminiscent of the early days of Stereo Productions, Larry’s grasp on percussion, massive sweeps, and indigenous samples come together to make one big dancefloor shaker with Dark Roots.

Spanish DJ duo Flashers give their remix a minimal twist while Automatica’s Juanjo Muro keeps his on a haunting vibe. Lorant’s mix brings it back to the New York bass.

The EP also includes Larry Rocca’s sexy tech-house remix of Midnight Society’s Salvation, the original of which first appeared on RAR’s Our Music: Future Perfect compilation last Spring. You don’t need no dye, embrace your roots!

OUR MUSIC Intinxual

Our Music: Instinxual

Mankind has been dancing since the dawn of time. Reproduce, remix, hunt, dance- it’s in our DNA. This collection brings together legends and young blood alike in the name of music. We’re sharing the very core of our existence with you. Open up to us. Get INSTINXUAL!

Includes music from UK techno legend Eddie Richards, queen of hot bodies everywhere Cherie Lily, Black Party 2014 DJ Nita as well as Continuous Cool Music, DJ Lorant, RAR newcomer Larry Rocca, and more.


OUR MUSIC Future Perfect alt

Our Music: Future Perfect

Our Music: Future Perfect is a collection of house and techno productions from New York, Philly, Boston, Paris, and Vancouver. Ranging from deep to progressive, Future Perfect has a tribal root aimed at making dancefloors work through the various hours of the night.

Sapphos Journey Prowess Final

Sappho’s Journey — Prowess

A woman’s “industrial” revolution, her Prowess, expressed by Sappho’s Journey like only she can lyrically, musically, and sonically.


Lorant — Natural Law + Opium Point

Lorant’s spacey house banger Natural Law and the Manchester influenced Opium Point represent his gripping obsession with ocean deep basslines and hypnotic melodies.

Philogyny cover

Sappho’s Journey — Philogyny

Sappho’s Journey returns with the empowering bondage ballad Philogyny. The release also includes the Great Tiger collaboration Crucible of Courage.


Lorant ft. Black Cracker — Icekeleton

Lorant calls on prodigy Black Cracker to verbalize the darkness on Icekeleton- where Lorant’s Illogical Techno meets Black Cracker’s smokey prose.  Reminiscent of when Massive Attack met vs. Mad Professor, Icekeleton is accompanied by a twisted tech-house remix that breaks, claws, and, like the title, chills.  Having recently released an album (Tears of a Clown on Hinterhaus Records) and a book, Black Cracker is a constant collaborator of Swedish band Grand Pianoramax. His first RAR collaboration shadows the summer sun as he hums to an absithe-laced vision of a lover: “You hold me like midnight that don’t let go”.


Will Sheridan — G.I.A.N.T.

Going In And Never Timid – G.I.A.N.T. – is Will Sheridan’s statement to the world.  Following his single and viral YouTube video Welcome to the Jungle, Will returns with his first full-length album.  G.I.A.N.T. is a boiling pot of Will’s new-wave-hip-hop sound, dark lyricism, and pop sensibility. Eighteen tracks come together to make a G.I.A.N.T. album and present a ride through an artist’s feelings- love, loss, hope, and ambition are all equal parts Will Sheridan.

G.I.A.N.T. is chiefly a collaboration between Sheridan and beatsmaker Carvo who produced eight songs on the album including the title track and the single Here Comes the Son.  Powerful contributions by the New Jersey duo Boogie Island (Blind, Bully Bulliers, Liquid) and Precize (Set Fire to the Streets, Journey, What More Could You Want) strengthen G.I.A.N.T. while Brooklyn’s Great Tiger brings the electro-rock party on Rock Wit’ Me. Morsy helps Will respond to the Haters and RAR’s DJ Lorant injects the Illogical Techno into Fu<king Wit’ the Giant. G.I.A.N.T. wants you to dance, wants you to fight, wants you to love. Better listen!


SAMN! — Rage

Following his critically acclaimed club hit In My House which saw recognition from the likes of Fader Magazine and party-rock-god Andrew W.K., SAMN is back with Rage- an ode to city kids from Chicago to New York to Istanbul.  Through SAMN’s sky-choir vocal delivery, Rage kicks off spring for RAR and presents the first sounds of what is to be a fiery summer.


Here Comes artwork

Will Sheridan — Here Comes The Son

After going viral with his Welcome to the Jungle music video, Will Sheridan returns with Here Comes the Son, the first single off his upcoming G.I.A.N.T. album. Produced by Carvo, Here Comes the Son is the ultimate fusion between electro and hip hop, a perfect compliment to Will’s new-wave-hip-hop sound.



RAR The Remixes

RAR The Remixes is what you need to put your summer in dance mode! Dubstep, techno, deep house, and electro coming to you from four corners of the world thanks to these scientists we call Remixers. Inject our kinetic beats into your bloodstream for instant dancefloor simulations.



Lorant — The Saint

THE SAINT is Lorant’s call to arms to music gods.  We are coining it ravestep.



Year One In The Mix

Our first compilation comes loaded with the past year’s favorites, unreleased remixes, and hot new tracks such as Will Sheridan’s brilliant Set Fire to the Streets, produced by beat master Precize and featuring the super vocals of Nasty Ness, plus Lorant’s call to arms to music gods The Saint.  It also sees the introduction of our newest artist O-Red.



SAMN! feat. Tigga Calore — In My House

SAMN! returns with this epic vocal house track that is part Marshall Jefferson, part Benny Benassi, and all New York. Produced by Lorant Duzgun, In My House has the bassline to vibrate any dancefloor into a sexy trance. Downtown house artist Tigga Calore makes an appearance with a rhyme that is going to resonate with club kids for years to come: Black leather Nikes, whips and chains, neon lights, pure octane!



Will Sheridan — NGOMA

Will Sheridan’s debut is a tribal gathering with a twist as Will takes on house music from a rapper’s perspective. Fundamental (produced by Lorant Duzgun) sets the stage for the percussive soundscape with electro arpeggiations and a heavy bassline. You Know I Got It (produced by Sheridan himself) is an edgy display of the artist’s hip hop roots while Welcome to the Jungle (produced by DJ Morsy) makes way for more drums and defines the EP’s title Ngoma- meaning music in Swahili. An extended dub of Welcome.. closes this 4-track treat.



SAMN! — The Remixes

SAMN! THE REMIXES is the album to keep you company all summer long! Bangin’ new house mixes of Synthetic Hearts by New York’s own The Midnight Society and of Gravity by minimal master Geoff Gains (Sweden), a dark take on White Noise by hot new hip hop producer Carvo (featuring Will Sheridan), and an electro rework of Foot First from DJ Lorant Duzgun.



Lorant — The History of Love

Since Lorant released his first single Hot Flash on Twisted Records some 5 years ago, he has playfully experimented with progressive sounds and futuristic tribal beats on remix projects for such labels as Junior Vasquez Music, SoundGroove, and SlantedBlack, coming around full circle while maturing to the productions on this 6-track EP: Hunter with its monstrous bassline and twisted synths, Dracula 2010 with its clever percussion, and the emotional techno groove The History of Love. This composition of works also sees some very inspiration-charged collaborations. On Sound X., Lorant collaborates with famed Nuyorican poet Emanuel Xavier to an early rave era beat, young French pop act O-Red joins him on Movie while SAMN! sets the soulful mood on Jet Black.



Sappho’s Journey — Venerate

The music of Sappho’s Journey has been compared to Massive Attack and Portishead.  One major difference is Monique-Renee’s voice sultry, big, and angelic.  Her words are honest and represent our thoughts when we are most vulnerable.  The melodies and beats on her debut EP put the listener in a trance with the promise of something new- a sound that has never been heard before.




The Synthetic Hearts EP is SAMN’s tribute to the early 90’s Electro beats accompanied by R&B basslines, Snap-like intros, and dramatic breakdowns, tied together by SAMN’s New-Jack-Swing voice.
Minimal master Geoff Gains (Twisted Records) lends his talents to this release with his remix of Gravity alongside a reworking of Synthetic Hearts by Brooklyn’s own P.L.A.W.Z.




Hunter is Lorant’s tech-house ride with its monstrous bassline and twisted synths. From the first beat to the last, it is full of emotion and groove.